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You can see the transaction history of our project with links to Blockchain and make sure that we withdraw Bitcoins to people.

Last 5 withdrawals

Last 5 withdrawals

Date:Deposited:Returned:Return address:Transaction:
2020-07-100.135371 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.270742 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
2020-07-100.00542355 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.0108471 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
2020-07-100.162735 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.32547 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
2020-07-100.00275 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.0055 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
2020-07-100.008 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.016 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products

Time in London, United Kingdom

Time in London, United Kingdom: July 10, 2020, 23:28

How to invest your Bitcoins with bitcoinassetfund.io

BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment Plans

BitcoinAssetFund.io online provides a straightforward and transparent mechanism to attract investments and make more profits. Our professional group assumes just those obligations that are capable of being fulfilled. In this manner, there is a guarantee of your profit, including a safety for your investments. There is no limitation for buying investment packages, and any deposit you provide will work regularly, giving your profit at every day.

Start Plan

Double Your Bitcoins in 30 days

100 % Pure Profit

After 30 Calendar Days
Minimum investment : 0.002 BTC
Maximum investment : 0.99 BTC
Daily interest: 3.33%
Investment term: 30 Days
The principal is returned to the investor on the investment’s maturity date.
Initial investment and profits are guaranteed.
Instant and automatic withdrawal.

Expert Plan

Double Your Bitcoins in 14 days

100 % Pure Profit

After 14 Calendar Days
Minimum investment : 1 BTC
Maximum investment : 2.99 BTC
Daily interest: 7.14%
Investment term: 14 Days
The principal is returned to the investor on the investment’s maturity date.
Initial investment and profits are guaranteed.
Instant and automatic withdrawal.

Deluxe Plan

Double Your Bitcoins in 7 days

100 % Pure Profit

After 7 Calendar Days
Minimum investment : 3 BTC
Maximum investment : 25 BTC
Daily interest: 14.28%
Investment term: 7 Days
The principal is returned to the investor on the investment’s maturity date.
Initial investment and profits are guaranteed.
Instant and automatic withdrawal.


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4.6 rating
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 303 reviews)
Very good43%

4.0 rating

Payment received for the Start Plan. 👍🏾 Thank you!

Louis, South Africa
4.0 rating

Received the return on time.

5.0 rating

Super 🤑 I received payment on time
Date: 2020-07-07 Deposited: 0.005 BTC Returned: 0.01 BTC Bitcoin address: 1EAJ1TLrdvjVVZkYoamcgLovraC5DxSgba Transaction: e34a56d7879531b38e2da1b8f5d2813d365c50ec01a490ac7f2d5370c78ccc66

Kecia Pedro, US
5.0 rating

bitcoinassetfund.io is really changing lives. Thank you, thank you.

Joseph, Kenya
5.0 rating

I just received back my investment with 100% profit, Thank you so much
Date: 2020-07-03 Deposited: 0.06174 BTC Returned: 0.12348 BTC Bitcoin address: 1QCSiW9xKPaTuz6TeQ72yaDrQN6A7kF2A1 Transaction: 3a272ca8581f79de7fe756e22a6c13232a42b7ad9ae9eaca57e0eab0f7699089

Cathy, US
4.0 rating

Thank you bitcoinassetfund.io, I’ve received my payment.
Date: 2020-07-01 Deposited: 0.0022 BTC Returned: 0.0044 BTC Bitcoin address: 17kj5Y9dfXFyZv3wMK1nPYJgypGYwrnxxR Transaction: f77f20096645770d78018627fd43b4319201e838bbdc798cbbd31868da95fb0d

Kristian, Bulgaria
4.0 rating

I invested 0.005 BTC 30 days ago and I got today 0.01 BTC. It works!

5.0 rating

legit website to invest my bitcoins. keep up the good work

Felix, Panama
5.0 rating

This program is suitable and good for all investor.
Date: 2020-06-25 Deposited: 0.005 BTC Returned: 0.01 BTC Bitcoin address: 1Q7bVqHcGSNKLxCDeSgwpCtTHCzsntQqMS Transaction: 5f2de46fe872a67cd7909d20243b3483d12534481ce32a9c480f774fc75aa1ca

Chris, South Africa
4.0 rating

I made my profit of start plan. 100% pure profit after 30 fays.
Date: 2020-06-23 Deposited: 0.035 BTC Returned: 0.07 BTC Bitcoin address: 1EMLXP1vy3BPmFcrAjHRn7U3CyTVCiKRbp Transaction: 7488878029921fd1fb78aa19b6a329aab6357148eca4fa9a2cbba4256aec4099

Emilio, Philippines
5.0 rating

super i received payment on time 👏👏👏

Robert, US
4.0 rating

Yes i got my profit with capital. Thanks☺️
Date: 2020-06-20 Deposited: 0.007 BTC Returned: 0.014 BTC Bitcoin address: 1H4aMvfMjp887S98urZcPG9gjQQufpz7dk Transaction: 5a140e594c4035acfd4c167b90986e3d9b9085a91adb343c0db17afdaa73b2da

4.0 rating

all works fine
Date: 2020-06-19 Deposited: 0.002667 BTC Returned: 0.005334 BTC Bitcoin address: 3DLjE83AJg8oTgLzHm5xsgidMfZkqY57M1 Transaction: af7d1aaf0dd0207dbda98324766e71f553b9fcf4d127a1bd5d96c5923813889b

Giannis, Cyprus
5.0 rating

I’m from Malaysia. I deposited 0.02 BTC 30 days ago and got my payment – 0.04 BTC. I like to read all comment below and story to my friend to invest. I love bitcoinassetfund.io

Rayyan, Malaysia
5.0 rating

OH YESSSSSS!!! I got my payment👍🏿

Mulumba, Nigeria