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You can see the transaction history of our project with links to Blockchain and make sure that we withdraw Bitcoins to people.

Last 5 withdrawals

Last 5 withdrawals

Date:Deposited:Returned:Return address:Transaction:
2019-02-171 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
2019-02-170.005 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.01 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
2019-02-170.02 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.04 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
2019-02-170.115 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.23 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
2019-02-170.04 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products
0.08 BTC
BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment products

How to invest your Bitcoins with bitcoinassetfund.io

BitcoinAssetFund.io Investment Plans

BitcoinAssetFund.io online provides a straightforward and transparent mechanism to attract investments and make more profits. Our professional group assumes just those obligations that are capable of being fulfilled. In this manner, there is a guarantee of your profit, including a safety for your investments. There is no limitation for buying investment packages, and any deposit you provide will work regularly, giving your profit at every day.

Start Plan

Double Your Bitcoins in 30 days

100 % Pure Profit

After 30 Calendar Days
Minimum investment : 0.005 BTC
Maximum investment : 0.99 BTC
Daily interest: 3.33%
Investment term: 30 Days
The principal is returned to the investor on the investment’s maturity date.
Initial investment and profits are guaranteed.
Instant and automatic withdrawal.

Expert Plan

Double Your Bitcoins in 14 days

100 % Pure Profit

After 14 Calendar Days
Minimum investment : 1 BTC
Maximum investment : 2.99 BTC
Daily interest: 7.14%
Investment term: 14 Days
The principal is returned to the investor on the investment’s maturity date.
Initial investment and profits are guaranteed.
Instant and automatic withdrawal.

Deluxe Plan

Double Your Bitcoins in 7 days

100 % Pure Profit

After 7 Calendar Days
Minimum investment : 3 BTC
Maximum investment : 25 BTC
Daily interest: 14.28%
Investment term: 7 Days
The principal is returned to the investor on the investment’s maturity date.
Initial investment and profits are guaranteed.
Instant and automatic withdrawal.


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4.6 rating
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 56 reviews)
Very good37%

5.0 rating

Greetings from South Africa! I received my payment. Thx
Date: 2018-12-30 Deposited: 0.02 BTC Returned: 0.04 BTC Bitcoin address: 3HKak2PKmBpg8kh83jFqW3t9q6DH3DNjHf Transaction: 99d1b9d60abfb9717f1053cd0604404650868f0dc0a4c238233fa09bd2b55d21

Johann Schoeman
5.0 rating

I received payment on time. Very realistic, no login on the platform. Great 👏 Date: 2018-12-28 Deposited: 0.125 BTC Returned: 0.25 BTC Bitcoin address: 33eUu9w4otLGvBbS1k4DjBC2T17fAV6V7h Transaction: 9d7da418dd874758fcd678db7df1fda3c9552c89280c7c2bbf5b6525ad94b68e

Petrus Andries
5.0 rating

I’m from Malaysia. I deposited 0.05 BTC 30 days ago and got my payment – 0.1 BTC. I like to read all comment below and story to my friend to invest. I love bitcoinassetfund.io

Rayyan, Malaysia
4.0 rating

Thank you so much bitcoinassetfund.io I received my payment.
Date: 2018-12-25 Deposited: 0.015 BTC Returned: 0.03 BTC Bitcoin address: 12N9oJpfug8asFhUstYumQQJ2qoHykyKM3 Transaction: 693efa2e0ccbba7eba2a35cd968b69722fe86903c8b55aef33e7961c845a52c5

Luiz, Brazil
5.0 rating

Received my payout on Expert Plan and reinvested it all again. Thanks bitcoinassetfund.io More Power God Bless!

Francois Pierre, South Africa
4.0 rating

I invested 0.28 BTC and got 0.56 BTC as promised 🙂 Got paid 30 days after my investment. Date: 2018-12-23 Deposited: 0.28 BTC Returned: 0.56 BTC Bitcoin address: 17wDkXo9t4ajF9jJMuFLLPSv4tqT4XPgBp Transaction: 36300f385fb7b615030f5713e95fa1c044747bc67437cee6975cf5497f8b5008

5.0 rating

My investment finished landing into my wallet. This website its very powerful and great payment. Thx
Date: 2018-12-20 Deposited: 0.05 BTC Returned: 0.1 BTC Bitcoin address: 19ipyrW4YmJKsPt3uoKfXqBSdmqwkVjp8x Transaction: ee77c6ef9adf35fa1b4509af845a673214919b73e2266e38044cfef5ddfd5485

Kwashi, Ghana
4.0 rating

Wow!… I just got my payment I invested 0.25 BTC and got 0.5 BTC.
Thanks to bitcoinassetfund.io

Louw Chantal, South Africa
5.0 rating

thank you for the payment👍 Date: 2018-12-17 Deposited: 0.009 BTC Returned: 0.018 BTC Bitcoin address: 34ncQk8NY1CbiMoiUA8RktLcQ8ZuMuGEgM Transaction: 8c2290a4ed6068f48a0cff290ae7c5e70bfa3a48a69dfcf7e1e8122072a8ab68

Martin Zoubek
5.0 rating

Can I deposit with coinbase wallet

Altaf Hussain

Response from Bitcoin Investment

Yes, You can.

4.0 rating

Good service they pay on time. Date: 2018-12-15 Deposited: 0.01 BTC Returned: 0.02 BTC Bitcoin address: 39i5FFVyuJHU5aEWBjZLvgUGvnjrGzaLwC Transaction: 150dacdccd8976c11db05e18cdc0d1b9218926ba5157dfb80fe6aa660dfa85d2

5.0 rating

Works perfect, thank you very much.

5.0 rating

This is great, got payment. Its the best.
I loooooooovvvvvve bitcoinassetfund.io 💙
Date: 2018-12-13 Deposited: 0.025 BTC Returned: 0.05 BTC Bitcoin address: 3JLe7AqTktsi3fSZ1qhGDg2fYvmiKhhrbs Transaction: 1dbac967c233d2d6605685e075e7a9affb6fb587bb703a6b2c1d6e3fa8d17ef0

Francisca, Brazil
5.0 rating

Payment received for Expert Plan. Thank you!

Kardos Kende, Hungary
4.0 rating

This is so awesome. Love it to invest here. Date: 2018-12-09 Deposited: 0.01 BTC Returned: 0.02 BTC Bitcoin address: 17ieTHMsrfxAE8rMFLcrXxgQ8RUpzDWhEB Transaction: bfee063f9082ad153b943110c48f8e7935a408bef1be389b4f8f980e23dc5efa

Mehdi, Iran